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Mr I Freese

One of the school Principals, Winterton Primary School

To date, approximately 50 pupils have completed or are nearing completion of their 20-hour therapy course.

From the get-go we made the decision to open our facilities up to all members of the local community.

Every pupil including High School pupils, tertiary education students as well as adults has found that their reading ability, verbal and comprehension skills as well as their reading speed have increased and improved tremendously.

Over and above their improved efficiency in reading, the student's self-esteem and confidence in their academic abilities have increased.

There has been positive feedback from teachers and parents alike, including rewarding write-ups in the local newspaper.

We have found that our last year's Grade 7 pupils that have now gone onto varying High Schools have coped well with the increased workload that is expected of them in Grade 8. University and college students are approaching their studies and exams with a more positive attitude as studying has become easier and less stressful.

We, as a school, would recommend this course to every school as the benefits are enormous and the children not only enjoy the therapy but are aware of their continued progress after each lesson which in turn makes them highly motivated.