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Wise Eye Reading Academy

Founded with a passion to improve lives

With our goal to foster a lifelong love of reading

About us

Wise Eye Reading Academy was established more than 20 years ago. The programme assists poor readers to become better readers and good readers to become exceptional readers.

About us

A good reader has confidence that relates to a good self-image. This will enable readers to achieve their full potential.

Wise Eye Reading Academy currently has more than 60 Principal Members national and international in countries like Mauritius, Namibia and Zambia, which includes, amongst others, Optometrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers and Mothers.

Who we are


The Wise Eye Reading Programme establishes a strong foundation for reading by developing all the sub-skills needed to read effectively. Wise Eye Reading Academy’s vision is to help readers achieve the end goal in reading, namely to achieve optimal reading speed with comprehension.

Wise Eye Reading Academy focuses on the following:

  • Effective eye muscle movement;
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency while reading, which increases reading speed
  • Comprehension

Wise Eye reading technology is unique because the quality of information perceived during reading is transmitted in a much purer form to short-term memory. Therefore, the short-term memory requires less energy to derive meaning from the information it receives and, as a result, will transmit a purer and more accurate message to the long-term memory. Progress and results are measurable, visible, and are monitored electronically. A strong foundation is established, and reading becomes easier, faster, and better. There is a clear transition from the resistance of reading towards an enjoyment thereof.


From Our Great Clients



I write this letter to express my appreciation to Wise Eye, who has been helping my son with his reading skills.

He struggled a lot at school, especially with reading speed and concentration, but since he started with Wise Eye Book therapy, I can see the improvement.  He mastered the flashing words and numbers, and it is unbelievable to experience this improvement.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage other parents who have the same problem with their kids to try Wise Eye.  It really helps.

I am so proud of my son!


Our school decided to open our facilities up to all members of the local community. Every pupil, including high school pupils, tertiary education students, and adults, has found that their reading ability, verbal and comprehension skill, and reading speed have increased tremendously.

Over and above their improved efficiency in reading, the student’s self-esteem and confidence in their academic abilities have increased. There has been positive feedback from teachers and parents alike.

We have found that our Grade 7 pupils who have now gone onto varying High Schools have coped well with the increased workload expected of them in Grade 8.


I took my son for an evaluation when he started with Grade 2, and he could only read 31 words per minute. I worked with my son daily using Wise Eye and could see a definite difference in his reading ability. We could also see an improvement with his schoolwork.

We continued with Wise Eye Book therapy and also started with computer therapy. His reading speed improved to 127 words per minute, better than expected at his grade level! He also achieved 4 academic results at the year-end school function.


I was introduced to the Wise Eye program when my daughter was in Grade 6 and was really struggling at school.

She was coping with term work but seemed to take huge strain during exam time. She was struggling to read and to comprehend the basic subject matter. A reading assessment at Wise Eye revealed her visual reading ability to be at a Grade 2 level.

We started the program in the 1st term of Grade 7, and what a life-changing experience it was for her – not just from a reading perspective, but her demeanor and self-confidence improved dramatically. She completed her Grade 7 year with ease and was awarded 3 academic prizes.


After doing the Wise Eye course, my son now enjoys learning and reading independently, where he previously needed a lot of help.  His improved performance has boosted his confidence incredibly!

The Wise Eye reading program is worth every penny, and I would recommend it to every parent and child who wants their children to be able to read with ease and perform well in school.

What Wise Eye has done and meant for my son is invaluable!



My son is in Grade 7 and has completed the Wise Eye reading program. When he started the program, he read 77 words per minute, and after the Wise Eye program, he reads 226 words per minute!

My son’s spelling and vocabulary have improved a lot, and he now excels at school. His marks have improved a lot!


After struggling with my eldest, I decided to start with my second child with the Wise Eye programme in Grade 1. At the beginning of the year, he could not distinguish between different letters and couldn’t read at all.  Within 6 months, he was able to not only know the difference in letters but also able to read a book fluently.  He is ahead of his class and can finish all his classwork in half the time.

I can only recommend to people what has worked for my kids but would like to insist that all kids need to be skilled in reading.


I have asked myself the question, “what is the best I can do for my kids?”

Then I got the advice that the best you can do for them is let them be able to read.  If they can read, they can do anything.

In Grade 2, my daughter battled with words and spelling.  We enrolled with Wise Eye, and her memory, confidence, and skill have tripled and improved so much that there is nothing stopping her now.