Wise Eye provides an excellent business opportunity to professionally qualified; Optometrists, Psychologists, Kinderkineticists and Occupational therapists to name a few, that has a passion to help children and adults reach their full potential through reading.

As part of your existing business, you can incorporate Wise Eye Reading Academy and the user-friendly products we offer to build on your business plan and expanding it.


Wise Eye provides excellent business opportunities to:

  • Increase the services you offer to the public
  • Stand out amongst your competitors
  • Increase your income

You can increase your clientele by:

  • Selling our over-the-counter Reading Products
  • Establishing a Wise Eye Reading Centre on your premises


You will focus on:

  • Reading evaluation
  • Selling of Book Therapy Material
  • Conducting Book Therapy
  • Conducting Computer Therapy
  • Selling our range of other Products


Comprehensive training is provided by Wise Eye Head Office.

Contact us today to discuss how you can become part of the Wise Eye family!