Does your child misread words?
Does your child make many spelling mistakes?
Does your child struggle with reading fluency?
Would you like to improve your child’s reading confidence?


Computer therapy is suitable for children of all ages.

It is advisable that a child must be able to read at least a little before computer therapy commences, therefore we advise that our younger students conduct the book therapy before computer therapy. 

Computer therapy can only be conducted at a Wise Eye reading centre by one of our qualified Wise Eye reading therapists.

The computer therapy sessions are much more intensive than the Home Therapy.


With computer therapy the focus is on:

  • Effective left-to-right eye muscle movement
  • Length of eye span
  • Visual- and short-term memory
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency while reading
  • Reading speed

Children motivate themselves continuously and challenge themselves to improve their own results constantly. As they get better and better over the weeks, they will want to improve and will develop a love to read and enjoy the journey as it becomes more fun.