Are you struggling to get through mountains of reading material for college, university or your day job?

And when reading you lack the focus to concentrate in order to understand what you are actually reading?

Imagine you could read faster with understanding and comprehension in half the time…

Wise Eye Reading Programme has helped many adults form the building blocks they needed to develop into exceptional readers. For a successful career and to graduate with excellent marks.


How does it work:

This is a computer-based programme that just needs to be installed on your home computer.

Both English and Afrikaans stories are on the same disc. So you can improve your reading in both languages.

Each session lasts approximately 10 minutes and needs to be exercised on a daily basis.


Adult therapy focuses on:

  • Vocabulary
  • Effective left-to-right eye muscle movement
  • Reading speed
  • Comprehension

With outcomes to a better, richer life

The act of reading every day with the help of the Wise Eye Adult Therapy Programme will change and improve nearly every aspect of your life. Here are a few ways that your quality of life will improve:

  •  Improved memory
  •  Improved writing skills
  •  Increased vocabulary
  •  Improved analytical thinking
  •  Enhanced Smarts
  •  Reading reduces stress and creates tranquillity