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About us

About us

Wise Eye Reading Academy was established more than 20 years ago. The programme assists poor readers to become better readers and good readers to become exceptional readers. A good reader has confidence that relates to a good self-image. This will enable readers to achieve their full potential.

Wise Eye Reading Academy currently has more than 60 Principal Members national and international in countries like Mauritius, Namibia and Zambia, which includes, amongst others, Optometrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers and Mothers.

The Wise Eye Reading Programme establishes a strong foundation for reading by developing all the sub-skills needed to read effectively. Wise Eye Reading Academy’s vision is to help readers achieve the end goal in reading, namely to achieve optimal reading speed with comprehension.

Wise Eye Reading Academy focuses on the following:

  • Effective eye muscle movement
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency while reading, which increases reading speed
  • Comprehension

Therapy courses and the wide range of Wise Eye products are graded for children from 6 months old and up, as well as for adults of any age. At Wise Eye, children sign up for the reading course that comes to an end once the readers have reached their full potential. Reading is seen as a skill that needs to be mastered and not an extramural activity or class that children join year after year. Parents tend to readily buy into this programme, as the programme delivers results and they see the programme as an investment in their child’s future. Parents appreciate the fact that the reading progress is continuously monitored scientifically.

At Wise Eye
Reading Academy we

  • Take pride in assisting readers to realise their potential while excelling beyond what they think possible.
  • Strive to bring back the “fun” factor into reading and not just be another reading programme!
  • Live our motto to act as a family, accept our learners as if they are part of our family, and create an atmosphere of acceptance while learning to read effectively.
  • Structure our programme to have a beginning and an end; it is not just another extramural activity.
  • Believe that every child is different, and so their starting point and programme should be too. Our individualised programmes enable students to progress to an advanced level at their own pace to realise their potential and experience success.
  • Have the most comprehensive range of products available in English and Afrikaans.


  • We aim to remain a reputable company with a passion for changing people’s lives by improving their reading skills.
  • We continuously strive to provide the best for our learners.
  • We incorporate the latest techniques and ideas in our programmes
  • All our actions are to achieve maximum results, in minimum time, with lasting effect.
  • We foster long-term partnerships with our independent practitioners (Principal Members and Agents) and aim to provide quality products and excellent support services.


  • To assist everyone, young and old, who wants to read and learn how to be a better, faster, and more effective reader.
  • To help realise their potential and excel beyond what they think is possible.
  • For young and old to comprehend written text so that they may become independent readers and lifelong learners with a firm grasp of the written world surrounding them. 
  • To deliver improved and sustainable value to all our Principal Members and Agents.

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