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Business Opportunities

Open a Wise Eye Reading Academy Centre

Wise Eye is looking for driven professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing the lives of children, students and adults by improving their reading skills. You can turn that passion and new business venture into reality by running your own Wise Eye centre. The Wise Eye centres’ low overheads produce an excellent return on investment while Principal members enjoy the fulfilment of making a difference in their communities.

No background in education required!

Wise Eye will give all training required, even if this is your first time working in the education sector! You’ll learn how to use our suite of tools to build your business. We cover ethical questions, developmental factors that influence reading, marketing, education, customer relationship management, as well as our proprietary curriculum, the Wise Eye reading programme and therapy methods.

Work from home!

Wise Eye members can have flexibility in their lifestyle, have complete control over their work schedule and enjoy the fulfilment of owning a business that makes a difference in the lives of families in their communities.

Why is the reading therapy market booming?

The demand for bettering reading skills is at an all-time high. Wise Eye is a leader in providing one-on-one reading therapy, with constant monitor as well as combining book and computer therapy for maximum results!

Role of Principal member:

The ideal Principal member:


You will have extensive support from Wise Eye Head Office and the significant freedom to inject your personal innovation and brilliance into your own Wise Eye Reading Academy centre.

If you are passionate about reading and education while running your own business, fill out our inquiry form. We will send you information about becoming part of the Wise Eye Reading Academy family.