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Reading Therapy

Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.

Wise Eye Reading Academy believes:

  • Reading ability is the “total sum” of several sub-skills at any given time;
  • In the development of all sub-skills to a greater or lesser extent, relative to their importance in the reading process.

The Wise Eye instant word and number recognition, speed-reading, word-accessing exercises, scanning exercises and the way we emphasise and establish ideas, form the most effective unit to improve reading.

Wise Eye determines each individual’s reading ability in order to establish the best option for optimal results. 

Therapy courses and the wide range of Wise Eye products are graded for children from 6 months old and up, as well as for adults of any age. At Wise Eye, children sign up for the reading course that comes to an end once the reader has reached his full potential. Reading is seen as a skill that needs to be mastered, and not an extramural activity or class that children join year after year.

Wise Eye initially focuses on individual therapy. Therapists work on a one-on-one basis when doing book therapy; while computer therapy can be conducted in small groups of up to 4 – 5.

Currently, Wise Eye Reading Academy has more than 60 Principal Members and Agents operating reading centres nationally & internationally.

Skilled readers move their eyes during reading on the average of every quarter of a second. During the time the eye is fixated, new information is brought into the processing system. The main difference between faster and slower readers is that the latter group consistently shows longer average fixation durations, shorter rapid movements, and more regressions.

Progress and results are scientifically measured, is visible, and are monitored electronically!

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